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KLAVAmed is a mid-size manufacturer from Bielefeld. We produce ultrasonic nebulisers and mounting arms, which excel particularly in their quality and detailed precision.

Quality by KLAVAmed means using first-class materials for patients, clinic equipment suppliers and for all users of our products. High-quality material and a sophisticated construction make our ultrasonic nebulisers and mounting arms extremely robust and long-lasting.

KLAVAmed aways focuses on the practical requirements. Therefore, all our products are remarkably easy to operate and thoroughly cleanable. We investigate carefully to implement improved solutions.
As a result, we are first to offer a mounting arm which can be adjusted effortlessly and safely with one hand.

KLAVAmed is also a pioneer in warm nebulising – an important development step for the benefit of the patient. The acceptance increase it comes with can improve therapy success considerably.

Two further KLAVAmed developments shall be highlighted: The novel shutdown function in case of dehydration enables the elimination of a filling level sensor in our ultrasonic nebulisers 2000 series. In this way, the nebuliser chamber is even easier to clean. Our new mounting arm, specifically designed for larger loads, now has an innovative joint with an eccentric lever. We managed to combine the easiest-possible adjustability with strong holding power.

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