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KLAVAmed - Proven Is The Partner For Manufacturers And Clinic Equipment Suppliers.

KLAVAmed mounting arms are in use throughout Europa and all over the world. They prove their reliability in hospitals, nursing homes and private households every day. Leading manufacturers of medical technology count on quality components from KLAVAmed.

And this makes KLAVAmed mounting arms so special:

  • We use first-class materials: aluminium pipes in combination with high-impact proof special plastic Verton®.
  • KLAVAmed mounting arms are virtually indestructible.
  • They are especially light but very robust at the same time. Compared to similar products the general weight saving is about 40 to 45%. This reduces transport costs.
  • The mounting arm is adjusted by using an especially durable press button developed by KLAVAmed or- for KLAVAmed mounting arms for heavier loads – via eccentric adjustment, another propriety development of KLAVAmed.
  • The mounting arm is easy to adjust and to handle with little effort.
  • KLAVAmed mounting arms are extremely versatile. For example, joint and arm are designed to lead a cable through their inside up to 5.5 mm diameter.
  • Mounting arms can be adjusted accurately to your individual specifications and requirements. This includes a part from the technical adaption also the colour design of the components.
  • If required, we propose individual solutions for you – rely on our expertise which has grown over 20 years./li>
  • KLAVAmed mounting arms are produced in Germany.


KLAVAmed Mounting Arms: Sophisticated Quality In Every Detail.

The KLAVAmed joint with press button

Main advantages

  • Compact construction without distracting clamp levers
  • Shapely and functional design with smooth surfaces
  • Extremely easy handling
  • Effortless adjusting of the joint
  • Reliable adjustment, no sagging of the arm
  • Internal cable conduit with maximum 5.5 mm diameter
  • Light materials
  • Weight saving of about 45% compared to zinc pressure die casting

The particularly indestructible joint of KLAVAmed mounting arms

The joint is a proprietary development of KLAVAmed and is made from high-impact resistant plastic Verton®. Both halves are screwed together and secured by a sliding locking segment.

The internal gear segment enables to position the joint in steps of 3 degrees. Adjusting is only possible when pressing the button.

The joints can also be delivered with a clamp lever for adjusting. This is applicable in cases where an infinate adjustment for a precise positioning of the arm is required.
The new mounting arm for heavier loads developed by KLAVAmed also offers this advantage. A new type of joint with an eccentric lever combines a simple adjustment of the arms with high retention forces of the joint. This guarantees a secure positioning of heavy parts, e. g. display or control panels or heavy hose harnesses.

High-quality material

For KLAVAmed mounting arms we use aluminium pipes with an external diameter of 16 mm with an anodised natural-coloured surface. The wall thickness is 2 mm.

Versatile components and accessory parts

A part from our standard selection of mounting arms we also design many models according to specific customer requirements. You can select between a variety of mounting possibilities, adjusting collars, spigots and colour designs. Various hose or cable clamps can be added according to your specification. Various strong flex shafts allow more freedom when setting the holding arms.

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