FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What is Ultrasonic nebulization?

Ultrasonic nebulizers use the effect of the ultrasound-atomization to produce fine aerosol-droplets. A quartz at the bottom of the chamber puts the liquid in the nebulizing chamber into vibration. Then, finest droplets originating at the surface of the liquid are transported through an air hose to the patient.

Which advantages does the ultrasound nebulizing offer?

Ultrasonic nebulizers are a valuable help in the therapy of many known respiratory diseases today. The aerosol particles generated by the device have a diameter between 1-6 µms (1 µms = 1 thousandth of millimeter) - a size suitable exactly in the therapeutically necessary area. The aerosol distribution possible stretches through the entire bronchial-tree all the way into the alveoli.

Since almost all water-soluble medications can be atomized, many options for use emerge. It is possible to moisten the breathing air to prevent the drying up of the mucous membrane in the respiratory area, for example in the postoperative area. Or it is possible to solve viscous deposits in the lower bronchial-tree - generally using distilled water or salt solutions. A specially directed therapy can be enforced using corresponding medications. Respiratory diseases like cystic fibrosis, asthma bronchial, pseudo-croup, and laryngitis to mention only some can be treated efficiently with the help of ultrasonic nebulizers. The quiet operating mode of ultrasonic nebulizers is a big advantage in comparison to other nebulizing systems.

Which advantages does the warm nebulization offer?

Beside the usual cold nebulization, with which the temperature of the aerosol-particles is determined mainly by the environment-temperature, the warm nebulization offers several advantages. With the warm nebulization, the aerosol is warmed up to a temperature corresponding to the body-temperature of the patient. Consequently, uncomfortable sensations due to the cold vapor are avoided during inhalation. The heating of the breathing air leads with many different therapies to better results.

In order to use this advantage consistently, KLAVA med has worked with warm nebulization early on - developing an optimal heating system for ultrasonic nebulizer. The air breathing hose warms up evenly in its entire length, thus reducing considerably condensation usually associated with nebulization. The use of the device is not impeded by additional heating adapters.

Ultrasonic nebulizer and hygiene?

Some ultrasonic nebulizers have a questionable reputation regarding hygiene. Not so KLAVA med ultrasonic nebulizers. And this is why: All parts coming into contact with the aerosol are autoclavable at up to 134 °C. The nebulizing chambers are made of high-quality stainless-steel or plastics - a good solution to meet the high requirements for optimal hygiene. Furthermore, KLAVA med ultrasonic nebulizers have a complex air filtration system using dust filter as well as bacteria-filter. Low maintenance is the result of using long-term bacteria filter with an operating time of up to 90 days.

Quality and services?

The quality of the devices extends to the accessories. Many parts are made of stainless-steel in order to meet highest standards. All components are a combination of function and design.

For many years, KLAVA med ultrasonic nebulizers have proven themselves every day under hardest conditions again and again world-wide.

We grant a guarantee of 24 months on the KLAVA med ultrasonic nebulizers and another guarantee of 12 months on the quartz.

Long term use, hard clinic use and the use in such high-sensitive areas like the intensiv-care-medicine, place high demands on the devices. We assure trouble-free use with our KLAVA med service system.