Life is breathing.
Breathing needs humidity.

Innovation & Quality - Proven For Decades.

KLAVAmed has contributed significantly to the development and optimisation of the ultrasonic nebuliser, e. g. we were the first to offer a tube heating integrated into the breathing air tube.

Warm nebulising optimises acceptance and success.

A tube heating warms up the mist to body temperature. Irritations from cold air do not occur. Warm mist is especially beneficial for children, old or weak patients. The result is a higher acceptance and efficacy of the therapy.

The standard in hygiene.

KLAVAmed places value on a high hygiene level. To counter bacterial contamination effectively, we only use high-quality materials like glass, V4A stainless steel and special plastic materials. KLAVAmed equipment is thought-through into every detail, easily accessible and therefore thoroughly cleanable.

Oscillating crystal unit is easy to clean and replace.

Including the oscillating crystal itself, the unit is particularly easy to clean and is exchanged without tools whenever necessary in all ultrasonic nebulisers of the 2000 series.

First-class mounting arms.

KLAVAmed has made an outstanding contribution: Our mounting arms can be adjusted and fixed effortlessly with just one hand.

This is due to our own development, durable with two high-quality pivot joint housings and an ergonomic press button. The KLAVAmed quality is of course also in the materials used. We use aluminium tubing in combination with high-impact proof plastics.

KLAVAmed mounting arms are used by leading device manufacturers and clinic equipment suppliers for their functionality and high quality standards.

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