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KLAVAmed Ultrasonic Nebuliser 2000e – A Classic with Optimised Handling.

KLAVAmed ultrasonic nebuliser 2000e is the enhancement of the approved and popular model 2000.

The handling has been simplified further and the nebuliser chamber and accessories were also optimised. As with all KLAVAmed products, hygiene and reliability has first priority.

Only high-quality plastic materials are used. Together with perfected electronics they guarantee a maximum of reliability and durability. If required, we supply a nebuliser chamber made from stainless steel with a glass cylinder instead of a plastic nebuliser chamber.

Here is an overview of the most important advantages:

  • The mist volume is infinitely variable.
  • The nebuliser chamber and the hoses are autoclavable up to 134°C
  • The use of sterile water systems (e. g. with distilled water) is possible, as well as medication cups to nebulise even very small amounts
  • An automatic shutdown in case of insufficient liquid in the nebuliser chamber eliminates the need for a filling level sensor: The nebuliser chamber can be cleaned even easier.
  • All parts of the nebuliser chamber are screwable or pluggable and therefore can be sterilised and reassembled very easily. The oscillating crystal can be exchanged without tools. >> Display <<
  • Model 2000e H (with heating) enables warm nebulising, which is especially beneficial for children, old or weak patients. The therapy is considered especially agreeable and is therefore more consistently performed.
  • The breathing air hose KLAVAmed developed for the ultrasonic nebuliser 2000e H (with heating) is heated evenly over its total length to minimise the amount of condensed water. When nebulising pharmaceuticals this means: almost no loss of active ingredients and optimal dosing.
  • Cups are supplied to nebulise small amounts of pharmaceuticals.
  • A bacterial filter prevents germ intrusion into the nebulising chamber. The operating time of the filter is 48 hours.
  • The KLAVAmed hose mounting arm is made from high-quality aluminium combined with the special plastic Verton®. Its sophisticated construction makes it especially durable. Therefore, it is used by device manufacturers all over the world.
  • The brilliant, simple and stable press button operation developed by KLAVAmed enables to adjust the mounting arm with just one hand.
  • All conventional overrun systems with glass bottles, sterile water bags or capsules can be used. You have the free choice to select the most suitable system for you.
  • An adapter enables a simple connection to the oxygen and pressure air supply via the flow meter.
  • KLAVAmed ultrasonic nebulisers are made in Germany. They prove their value day by day all over the world and perform exceptionally, even under the toughest conditions.

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